D'Agostino (Cupiraggi), Joe and Mary-Elen Are thrilled to announce the late but safe arrival of their first child, Angelica , born January 8th @ 3:38 pm, weighing 6lbs, 9oz, 20.5in long, at SCGH. Third grandchild for Anna D'Agostino and sixth for Eleonora Cupiraggi. Angelica is welcomed by many aunts and uncles and loved by many excited cousins. Angelica is being watched over from above by her angels, Nonnos Domenico and Ralph. Special thanks to nurses Heather and Amy at SCGH. A huge thank you to the staff at Renaissance Midwifery, especially Mylene, Sara, Daya and Jenna for taking outstanding care of mommy and Angelica. Thanks to Mommy for bringing our little girl into this world, you did great!
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