PRATA, Guido - The family would like to express their sincere thanks to those who made a donation to the charities close to Guido's heart. A special thank you to Dr. Pang and the staff at Bella Senior Care Residence. Thank you to Father Jose Karikompil, Brooke Bateman, Tina Biamonte and the alter servers at St. Ann's Church for the beautiful Funeral Mass for Guido. We would like to express our gratitude to his nephews Richard, Vince, Gary, and friends Leon French, Mike Simmons and Father Derek Pederson who had the strength to act as pallbearers. As Guido's mom always said 'do good and forget'. As you eat your salad, slice your cucumber, pour your tomato sauce, fry your onions and peppers, remember Guido's garden started by his parents. No one ever left empty handed. We will always remember Guido's parting words 'stay sober' and 'don't get lost'.
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