Dear Mom and Dad We are sending a Christmas wish to you both. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of losing you mom on October 13, 1997 and fifteen years for you Dad on July 17, 2002. Our wish is for both of you to walk through our doors at five o'clock and have supper or just simply sit with us to have a coffee or tea, while listening to our kids tell us how their day went. We wish once again we could see the smiles on our kid's faces when you would visit. We miss your demands and wish we would have seen the humor in them as we do today. All of your children and grandchildren remember how wonderful you were to us all. We know in our hearts and feel your presence daily. We see you fluttering around wherever we are. You may be in white form or yellow and now even brown, but we always see two so we know you are around. Our Christmas wish is to please keep coming and showing us that you are both together and taking care of each other. But especially watching over all of us, your children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren. Merry Christmas and as always we love you and will always keep you both in our hearts. Love Donna & John, grandchildren, Becky, Lori, Trish and great grandchildren Jordan, John, Maddy, Owen, Nate & Gia and Pat & Ron, grandchildren Jennifer, Charles and great grandchildren Makaila, Hailie.
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