Jan 7, 1945 - July 9, 2015 Remember Me - by Donna Brooks I was once a little girl Please remember that Happy to dress as a movie star Or cut the whiskers off my cat I lived on the Barrie Road That's where I spent my youth Jumped in mud puddles on a rainy day And lost my first front tooth Grade 1-8 at Mount Slaven School My favourite teacher Miss McFee Searching for a solo in the Christmas Play And I am glad that she picked ME My grades never measured up I wanted to make mom and dad proud And so I sang my heart out To my parents in the crowd I sure had a good life I faced it with a grin I just opened up my heart And let the sunshine in In Loving Memory of a wonderful wife, special grandma and the "best mom in the whole wide world". Missing you, Love Joe, Debbie, Joey and families
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